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Winter / Spring 2017

Extraordinary Workshops / Extraordinary Teachers

“The staff and the instructors love what they do, and this energy sets the tone for the studios.”

Age Course Instructor Medium Day Time Cost
Adult / H.S. Incisive Discussions: Critique Seminar Julie Graham Printmaking 6 Weeks, starting on Wed, Jan 19, 2017 10 am to 2 pm $560 / 6 sessions / Max 8
Adult / H.S. Making Molds for Casting and Slabs Zachary Mickelson Ceramics Two weekends:
Sat/Sun, Jan 21-22, 2017 and
Sat/Sun, Jan 28-29, 2017
Times vary; see description.

$350 + $35 materials / 4 sessions / Max 8
Adult / H.S.

Looking into the Light: Creativity and the Photographer

Join Sean Kernan at his opening reception in Chandler Gallery after the workshop from 5 to 7 pm.

Sean Kernan Creativity /

Sun, Jan 22, 2017

10 am to 4 pm
$200 / Max 10
Adult / H.S. All in One / All at Once: Printmaking and Drawing Bob Siegelman Printmaking / Drawing Sat/Sun, Feb 4-5, 2017 10 am to 4 pm Sat only: $150 + $10 model fee + $15 materials for Sat only,
Sat & Sun: $300 + $20 model fee + $30 materials for Sat and Sun,
Max 10
Adult / H.S. Family Workshop: Pop-Up Cards for Special Occasions TBD Creativity Sun, Feb 5, 2017 10:30 am to 12:30 pm $10 per individual / $15 per family
Adult / H.S. No Pressure: Printmaking Introduction Catherine Kernan Printmaking Sun, Feb 12, 2017 10 am to 4 pm $150 + $15 materials / Max 10
Adult / H.S. One-on-One Portfolio Sessions Gerry Bergstein Discussion Sat/Sun, Mar 4-5, 2017 10 am to 3pm $50 per half hour session, one-on-one
Incisive Discussions: Critique Seminar      Register
With Julie Graham

Class 1: Everyone present their work, and individual goals/expectations for the class.

Classes 2-6: Every session a few artists will present their work for a critique that will last approximately an hour.

Final dates will be determined by the group.

Scheduled to start on Wednesday, January 19th. First session subject to change upon artist/teacher availability.

Workshops meet for 6 sessions approximately every three weeks.

The length of each session and the final dates can be adjusted to accommodate those enrolled.

10 am to 2:00 pm

Six Sessions: $560

Maximum 8 participants

Acclaimed educator and artist Julie Graham is brilliant when it comes to evaluating your artwork and helping you to discuss it incisively.

Challenge yourself to grow as an artist. Use this seminar series to “see” your work through other eyes, and to develop goals for progress. Test ideas on the group, practice speaking about your work, and develop a coherent artist’s statement. This seminar is equivalent to a graduate level class.

Julie Graham will suggest source material, readings, specific works to visit in museums, and references to contemporary art practice.

Making Molds for Casting and Slabs      Register
With Zachary Mickelson

Two weekends:
Saturday, January 21, 4 - 6 pm
Sunday, January 22, 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday, January 28, 2 - 6 pm
Sunday, January 29, 12 - 4 pm

Using plaster molds opens an entirely different set of options for making multiples in clay.

This class will explore the basic techniques of making molds for both slip casting and slab work. The schedule is adjusted to cover an introduction the first short day which will explore the opportunities molds allow, as well as provide guidance on selecting appropriate forms to mold. The following class will consist of pouring plaster molds and working with slab molds. Student will be taught how to mix, handle, and pour plaster effectively.

The following weekend we will reconvene to cast the forms we have made molds for, finishing both the slab pieces and the slip cast pieces on Sunday.

Students will meet again for the opportunity to glaze their work on a date to be determined by the group.

Looking into the Light: Creativity and the Photographer      Register
With Sean Kernan

The workshop will take place at Lesley University College of Art and Design, Lunder Arts Center, 1801 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA.

Directions to Campus...


Join Sean Kernan at his opening reception in Chandler Gallery on Sunday, January 22, 2017, after the workshop, from 5 to 7 pm. 20 Sacramento Street Cambridge, MA.



Sunday, January 22, 10 am - 4 pm

For most photographers that first really good picture is a complete surprise. It seems as though someone has borrowed your camera for just a second. But that’s all it takes, and that one wonderful photo is enough to carry you away.

What you needed to take that picture was just to be fully awake to what was around you and in you. This is how the art of photography works, and most photographers hope that such a flash of awareness will show up at the right time. But what if you didn’t wait for it? What if you went looking? In this little workshop we’ll go looking.

Awakeness and awareness will be the work, whether you are an experienced photographer or someone new to the medium. In fact, you don’t even need to be a photographer, just a seer. We’ll use our minds, our bodies and our imaginations, as well as our cameras, to widen our awareness and take us into a creative state.

Sean Kernan has accumulated a series of exercises over 30 years of teaching that let us explore and deepen our awareness and get us to that creative state. We use observation exercises, theater games, music, brush and ink, and anything else that’s handy, and in the end we’ll bring it all back to photography.

The idea is to get beyond mere picture-taking, and participants should arrive ready to jump in!

All in One / All at Once: Printmaking and Drawing      Register
With Bob Siegelman

Saturday and Sunday
February 4-5, 2017

10 am to 4 pm

Come explore printmaking as a drawing medium. With a nude model as the observational focus, work directly and spontaneously on printing plates with an "all in one" approach and simple monotype techniques that seamlessly integrate printmaking and drawing.

This will be an intensive, fun workshop in a supportive and encouraging environment. Be prepared for challenges, and surprises. No experience in printmaking, figurative work, or drawing is necessary.

Robert Siegelman teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, works with artists privately, and leads workshops and classes throughout New England. His work is in many important collections including the Boston Public Library, MIT, The Harvard University Art Museums, The DeCordova Museum, The Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Siegelman’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. He is included in the book “100 Boston Artists” by Chawky Frenn, and “Self Portraits by Others” organized by Hunter O’Hanian.

Family Workshop: Pop-Up Cards for Special Occasions      Sign Up!
Instructor: TBD

Sign up with EventBrite...

Sunday, February 5,
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

$10 per individual / $15 per family

A multi-age workshop to create surprising and fun Valentine cards that transform from 2 dimensions into 3 when opened.

These can also be just for fun or for a special occasion or special person.

No Pressure: Printmaking Introduction      Register
With Catherine Kernan

Sunday, February 12,
10 am - 4 pm

Designed to introduce Akua Intaglio Inks, this one-day hands-on demonstration and mini-workshop is open to anyone who is curious about Akua fume-free soy-based intaglio inks.

We will try out tools and techniques to get a feel for the inks, as we explore modifying inks for a variety of applications including trace monotype, viscosity, relief, intaglio and collagraph plates; color mixing, use of rollers, plate choices, and registration systems.

This is an opportunity to simply mess around and have fun.

Akua soy-based intaglio inks are versatile, fume-free, and formulated for a relaxed working time. Clean up is with soap and water. No printmaking experience is necessary.

One-on-One Portfolio Sessions      Register
With Gerry Bergstein

Saturday and Sunday
March 4-5, 2017
10 am to 3 pm

Sign ups for a specific time slot will take place in February.

$50 per half hour session,

Launch into a deep one-on-one discussion of your artwork journey.

Gerry Bergstein is a renowned teacher with vast experience on review boards. He is skilled at assessing a body of artwork and getting to the heart of the issues.

Each artist’s work will be discussed in terms of the goals of each participant.  No particular esthetic or intellectual stance or ideology is privileged.

The focus is on what is possible rather than what is not possible. Every vision is permitted as opposed to what is forbidden.

Participating artists will be asked to describe their goals, beliefs, influences and uncertainties. We will then have a discussion of technique, historical reference, imaginative exploration and the relationship between form, content and process with the goal of expanding the possibilities of each artist’s vision.

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