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Adult Workshops

“the staff and the instructors love what they do, and this energy sets the tone for the studios.”

2014 Adult Workshops

Sundays, Apr 20 and 27   Mosaics Workshop with a Master With Lisa Houck
Starting Tuesday, April 29,
and then meets
every two weeks
  Incisive Discussions: Critique Seminar With Julie Graham
Saturday, Mar 29   Printmaking Alive
An intensive day of drawing and painting from a live model.
Mosaics Workshop with a Master      Register
With Lisa Houck

Two Sundays
April 20 and 27, 2014

10 am to 4 pm

$225 plus $50 Materials

Maximum 8 participants

This course will provide an in-depth experience with mosaic design, fabrication, and mounting practices. Each participant will create a mosaic with traditional Mexican glass smalti. Students will gain experience with the unique design potential of this media and learn more about its rich history. In addition the instructor will share her recent experiences with large public and private art commissions for tile and mosaic projects.

Course objectives:

To provide students with Cultural and technical knowledge of historic and contemporary mosaic projects

Design and technical studio experience with mosaic fabrication and installation

Support for personal creative development

In this two-day course students will be able to design, fabricate and grout an 8” x 8” mosaic.

Students should bring photos, books, and sketches as inspiration for the mosaic designs.


Incisive Discussions: Critique Seminar
With Julie Graham

Starts on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, and then meets every two weeks.

Final meeting dates to be determined by the group.

10 am to 12:30 pm

Six Sessions: $450

Maximum 8 participants

Acclaimed educator and artist Julie Graham is brilliant when it comes to evaluating your artwork and helping you to think and discuss it incisively.

Challenge yourself to grow as an artist. Use this seminar series to “see” your work through other eyes, and to develop goals for its progress. Use the group to test ideas, to practice speaking about your work, and to develop a coherent artist’s statement. This seminar is equivalent to a graduate level class.

Julie Graham will suggest source material, readings, specific works to visit in museums, and references to current art being made.

At the initial meeting, everyone will present their work, so we can get any idea of what each person is working on, and what their individual goals/expectations are for their work and for the class. A schedule for subsequent meetings will be determined, based on the participants’ preferences.

Every week a few class members will present their work to the class for a critique that will last from ¾-1 hour. For each individual presentation, the student should have a written list of thoughts about their work, and questions for the class. This should include source material, concepts, goals, and ideas about what is successful and what is not.

There will be a final review/overview of the whole class. Depending upon the class’s desires, this could include readings, given by students to their classmates, or by the instructor, or a combination. Or, it could include slide presentations of artists, given by both students and teacher, based upon the work and interests of the class. Students may also be asked to write artist statements for the final class.

Printmaking Alive      Register
An intensive day of drawing and printing from a live model

March 29, 2014

9 am to 12 pm
1 pm to 5 pm

$150 plus $15 Materials

Maximum 10 participants

Open to artists who have enough printmaking skills to work independently, this is conceived as an opportunity to combine figure drawing and printmaking in an intense day-long workshop.

It takes place in the beautiful print and drawing studios at Maud Morgan Arts. There will be a press assistant to help with technical issues so that you can concentrate on making images and exploring the transformative processes of transfers and printing.


Inks will be supplied, and paper will be available for purchase.


Some basic instruction will be available.




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