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Current Exhibition

Images of Grief and Healing

A curated exhibition of artwork at the Chandler Gallery.

August 10 to September 11, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 13, 6 to 8 PM

Artist names are linked to their work if available...

1. Carol Abram
2. Sandra Allik
3. Susan Alport
4. Judith Austin
5. Sherry Autor
6. John Avakian
7. Louise Berliner
8. Steven Cabral
9. Martha Chason-Sokol
10. Pamela Chiasson
11. Sue Cross
12. Linda DiFrenna
13. Susan Fisher
14. Yetti Frankel
15. Jenifer Fuchel
16. Patricia Geller
17. Kata Hull

18. Rachel Korn
19. Carolyn Letvin
20. Pauline Lim
21. Emily Manning-Mingle
22. Ilana Manolson
23. Radhika Mathews
24. Sandra Mayo
25. Cheyenne McCarter and
Catherine Tutter

26. Deborah McDuff
27. Elizabeth Menges
28. Elizabeth Michelman
29. Beryl Minkle
30. Ruth Naylor
31. Emily Newmann
32. Agnis Pena-Toro
33. Linda Perlman-Karlsberg
34. Nancy Popper
35. Judith Prager

36. Mikele Rauch
37. Ruth Rieffanaugh
38. Stephanie Roberts
39. Karen Rothman
40. Ruth Segaloff
41. Robert Siegelman
42. Leslie Sills
43. Sandy Smith-Graces
44. Ellen Solari
45. Margo Stage
46. Elena Stone
47. Tereza Swanda
48. Dayna Talbot
49. Kathleen Wells
50. Tori Weston
51. Carol Wintle
52. Meghan Zipin


Chandler Gallery Exhibit Offers Artists, Visitors Space to Mourn

CAMBRIDGE, MA (July 13, 2015) – Grief may be a universal human emotion, but the expression of grief is highly individual, as evidenced by “Images of Grief and Healing” at the Chandler Gallery. The exhibit, juried by therapist and artist Emily Newmann and art educator Deborah Putnoi, presents artwork inspired by personal loss. The losses are many and varied, and each piece has a story of its own.

Some artworks provide clues to the events that inspired them, others encompass more ambiguity, and still others take sorrow itself as their subject. Paint drippings run down Ilana Manolson’s “Fragile Season,” evoking tears. Elizabeth Michelman’s “Chapter 1: Determination” expresses the plaintive essence of loss and the cruel monotony of pain: the phrase “I Want You” is repeatedly burned into a wooden panel.

Sandra Allik elevates grieving to a mythic experience in “Urban Icarus (Luke).” A figure falls through the night sky above a darkened town. Below, a woman and a man mourn over a supine body as crowds of people bearing identical faces stand over them. Lights explode in the streets, suggesting a town under siege, or perhaps just the pain of two individuals spilling across the whole city.

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Images of Grief and Healing

Carol Abram

India ink and glue, 11x14, 2015

Rachel Korn
The Guide

collage watercolor, colored pencil, 10x13.5, 2013

Mikele Rauch
The Middle of Silence

mixed media on paper, 24x18, 2015

Sandra Allik
Urban Icarus (Luke)

oil on linen, 48x38, 1991

Carolyn Letvin
Happy Mom, Sad Mom

assemblage, 11.5x12x5

Ruth Rieffanaugh
Modigliani Reconstructed

mixed media, 2011

Susan Alport
Album 2

35 mm film print on vintage albums, 10.5x10.5 each, 2013

Pauline Lim
I Think of You Periodically

mixed medium on canvas panel, 11x14, 2012

Stephanie Roberts
Camello, Scar Tissue

encaustic, 12x12, 2014

Judith Austin
Free Fall (after chemo)

oil on canvas, 36x24, 2012

Emily Manning-Mingle
Mother / Daughter

spandex and thread on stretcher, 10x8, 2014

Karen Rothman
Living in the Past

acrylic on canvas, 18x18, 2013

Sherry Autor
Adolsent Dreams: My Mother

oil on canvas, 30x24, 2012

Ilana Manolson
Fragile Season

hydracal, 36x30, 2014

Ruth Segaloff
Down The Rabbit Hole: A Leap of Faith

found objects assemblage, 30x18x12, 2014

John Avakian
Family Bio 35

monoprint, 17x38, 2011

Radhika Mathews
Amma (Mother)

acrylic, silk sari on wood panel, 2014

Robert Siegelman
Untitled (Poster Boy)

photograph, 2015

Louise Berliner

fiber, 4.5x1x1, 2014

Sandra Mayo
Digging Narratives

mixed media, 14x11, 2015

Leslie Sills

oil, gouache, silk thread, rice paper, watercolor paper, 16x12, 2014

Steven Cabral
Rain of Hope

oil on canvas, 50H x 45W, 2014

Cheyenne McCarter and
Catherine Tutter

Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life: Transforming Trauma

paper, 9x18, 2015

Sandy Smith-Graces
My bones Laid Bare, Inside Out

graphite, white charcoal on toned paper, 30x22, 2013

Martha Chason-Sokol
(weighted) Work

walnut ink on paper, 22x30

Deborah McDuff
Stand Your Ground

ceramic, 6x6x6, 2014

Ellen Solari
Prelude to Mourning

sculptural basket, 36x10x9, 2014

Pamela Chiasson

mixed media, 26/18, 2014

Elizabeth Menges

oil on canvas, 2014

Margo Stage

fabric, 30 feet x4 inches, 2014

Sue Cross
Healing and Hope

mixed media, acrylic on photo, 8x10.5, 2015

Elizabeth Michelman
Chapter One: Determination

oak cabinet door, carbonized wood, 18x15 3/4, 2015

Elena Stone
The Road I Took to You

oil pastel, 5x7, 2012

Linda DiFrenna
Without The Right To Choose

mixed media on canvas, 12x12, 2013

Beryl Minkle
Respite Walk

oil painting, 11x14, 2014

Tereza Swanda
Awakening 1

ink, graphite on paper, 26x40, 2014

Susan Fisher
The Journey 2

stoneware clay with stains, 13x12x4, 2014

Ruth Naylor
No Step

textile, 44x57, 2013-14

Dayna Talbot
Number 6

carborundum collograph / dry point monoprint, 24x18, 2013

Yetti Frankel

colored pencil, 35x50, 2002

Emily Newmann


Kathleen Wells

wood burning, acrylic, stain on wood panel, 7x7, 2015

Jenifer Fuchel

cotton paper, thread, ink, 30x11.25, 2015

Agnis Pena-Toro
Broken Heart

mixed media, 17x15.5x1.5, 2014

Tori Weston
Lonely In the Middle

12x14, 2012

Patricia Geller

etching, 9x11

Linda Perlman-Karlsberg
Constrained Bloom V-III

oil on panel, 24x18, 2011

Carol Wintle
Healing One’s Heart

mixed medium, 9x11, 2013

Kata Hull
What Remains

oil and mixed media on paper mounted on wood, 30x22x2, 2015

Nancy Popper

etching, dry point, chinecolle, 8x7, 2015

Meghan Zipin
Staying Home

mixed media, 15x20, 2015



Judith Prager

acrylic on canvas, 12x12, 2014



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