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Current Exhibition

Small Works Salon 2015: Word + Image
Artwork incorporating text and image.

A juried exhibition of artwork at the Chandler Gallery
Juried by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons
Distinguished artist and long time Professor at the
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

April 10 to May 15, 2015

Reception: Sunday, April 12, 2015, 3 to 5 PM

List of artists in Small Works Salon 2015:
1. Susan Alport
2. Brian Alves
3. Beverly Arsem
4. Chuck Beisch
5. Michele Bonner
6. Geoff Booras
7. Kate Castelli
8. Nayda Cuevas
9. Ruth Daniels
10. Gary Duehr
11. Helga Felleisen
12. Sarah Hulsey
13. Kyle Larabee
14. Denise Manseau
15. Diane Norris
16. Charles Norris
17. Jeanette O’Connor
18. Bill Porter
19. Vicki Putz
20. Michelle Saffran
21. Tania Sen
22. Robert Siegelman
23. Gessica Silverman
24. Sarah Sutro
25. Stephanie Todhunter
26. Timothy Wilson
27. Mark Younkle


Small Works Salon 2015 at the Chandler Gallery Celebrates Text in Art

CAMBRIDGE, MA (March 19, 2015) – This exhibit includes a little light reading. The pieces in “Small Works Salon 2015: Word + Image” at the Chandler Gallery incorporate signs, poems, memos, receipts, and sometimes whole pages of text into 2D and 3D works. Juried by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, a distinguished artist and professor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, this salon blurs the boundaries between writing and visual art.

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Susan Alport
Gary Duehr Vicki Putz
Photocopy of 35 mm film, 2014
Sorry Snapshots
Pigment print, 2014
Seven-day Week
Photography, 2015
Brian Alves
Helga Felleisen Michelle Saffran
Gesso and ink on book pages on clipboards, 2015
Reflection on Wisdom 3
Hand-cut vellum, film, light, 2015
Deep Down
Mixed media, 2013
Beverly Arsem
Sarah Hulsey Tania Sen
Chaos In the Woods of Copernicus
18 x 13
Fizzy Dreams 1
Seven-day Week, Photography, 2015
Chuck Beisch
Kyle Larabee Robert Siegelman
Connecting the Dots
Inkjet, 2014
All That and More
Acrylic on panel with laser cut text, 2009
Missing Pages
Letterpress print, 2014
Michele Bonner
Denise Manseau Gessica Silverman
Taliswoman Fit
Cotton doll, labels, thread, 2014
China Reconstructed
Laser cut wood block print, 2014
Facing the Truth
Acrylic on canvas, 2014
Geoff Booras
Dianne Norris Sarah Sutro




Gas Test
CNC-milled PVC, plastic, 2014
Text on layered glass, 2008-13
Gun Series – As American As Apple Pie
Watercolor, pencil on paper, 2014
Kate Castelli
Charles Norris Stephanie Todhunter
Accordion book, 2012
Zig Zag
Wood block print, 9 x 24, 2012
American Koan #4
Alcohol ink, stencil, spray paint on clayboard, 2014
Nadya Cuevas
Jeanette O'Connor Timothy Wilson
Murrieta Protest Selfie
Oil on panel, 2014
Hollow Word
Mixed Media, 2011
Operators are Standing By
Photograph, 2014
Ruth Daniels
Bill Porter Mark Younkle
Wood, found image, talk medium, thread, 2015
House paint and transferred
ink on wood, 7 x 7, 2014
Collage, 2014



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